Key schoolgirl murder evidence `lost'


23 February 1992
The Observer
John Sweeney
Lesley Molseed case examined
Catalogue of bungles jailed wrong man

Crucial evidence that could have revealed the real killer of schoolgirl Lesley Molseed and freed wrongly imprisoned Stefan Kiszko is `missing'. The disappearance of four slides of semen samples taken from the clothes of the dead girl cheats detectives of the chance to use new DNA tracing techniques to find who did stab 11 year old Lesley 16 years ago. Other slides from the case have not gone astray.

An Observer investigation into the `framing' of the now 40 year old Kiszko after his arrest at Christmas 1975 has revealed a disturbing narrative of what may be the shoddiest example of police, forensic and legal bungling in recent years.
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