What came first? The chicken or the egg?


Thank you to "Ironside" for your recent comments/insights.

"There was a sketch of the 'abductor' then when things started hotting up a picture was released of Hewlett. The two descriptions were very much alike. Too much alike. I am now wondering if the sketch for the Mccanns was copied from the photo of Hewlett..very possible."  (Please use "read more" tab for photos and more info.)

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Setting the stage, perhaps?


Tell all before you die, Maddie suspect urged
Allan Hall in Berlin
9 December 2009
The Daily Express

A convicted paedophile wanted for questioning by detectives working for Madeleine McCann's parents is close to death, it was revealed yesterday. Sex fiend Raymond Hewlett, 64, can no longer speak because of throat cancer and lives in a council flat he shares with his partner in Aachen, Germany.
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Det Chief Supt Max McLean & Raymond Hewlett


Articles re: Det Chief Supt Max McLean and the Lesley Molseed murder investigation.
As you will see, McLean stated many times and over many years that Raymond Hewlett was the prime suspect in 11 year old Lesley's brutal killing.
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Not the first time YOU don't have a right to know


The murder of Lesley Molseed was also exempt from the public's RIGHT TO KNOW. The Mirror submitted an FOI request for the police files to be released in 2007. The request was denied. Note that Max McLean is also in the news regarding the McCann case. He traveled to Germany to interview Raymond Hewlett.
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