TV-call hope in murder of girl


18 September 1999
Yorkshire Post
Joanne Ginley

The family of murdered schoolgirl Lesley Molseed is hoping an emotional call to a TV programme might help to catch her killer. The caller to ITV's This Morning show from Lancashire claimed to have been sexually abused by her own father more than 20 years ago. She said he had been a suspect in the murder of a schoolgirl. And she gave other information which Lesley's family say fits the description of a man they believe killed the 11-year-old girl they refer to as "Our Lel", whose battered body was found in a lay-by at Ripponden in 1975. Yesterday her sister, Julie Anderson, who has seen a tape of the programme which went out on Tuesday, said: "She said everything that was crucial, everything that pointed to him."
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Mystery woman in TV phone clue to murder


18 September 1999
Manchester Evening News
Neal Snowdon

The family of a girl murdered in 1975 whose killer has never been brought to justice are hoping a call to a TV programme could provide a vital breakthrough. Lesley Molseed, 11, was killed after leaving her home on Rochdale's Turf Hill estate to buy bread for her mother. She was found murdered, stabbed and sexually assaulted at Rishworth Moor, near Oldham. Now a woman calling herself `Julie from Lancashire' has agreed to speak to police after taking part in a phone-in on ITV's This Morning programme and speaking to presenter Judy Finnegan. Lesley's family believe details mentioned by the woman about her father in the two-minute call could lead detectives to the murderer.
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