Lesley Molseed murder - Discovery of her body

Notes from the book "Innocents"

October 8, 1975
On Wednesday morning around 6:45 AM, David Greenwell found Lesley's body.

The circumstances were:

Nottingham resident, David Greenwell was a joiner working for a firm of Birmingham shopfitters who were at that time refitting a jewelry shop in Rochdale. Although the company provided an allowance to cover overnight expenses, David often slept in the van which he had set up with a mattress, sleeping bag, primus stove, etc., but there was no toilet.

David woke on Wednesday morning and noticed what appeared to be a blue fabric flapping in the wind, about 25 feet above his head at the top of the embankment. He climbed the hill to relieve himself, out of view of anyone passing by on the main road. As he was returning to the van, he saw the blue cloth from another angle and decided to take a closer look and realised it was actually a bundle of clothes. After taking another step toward it, he reeled back, seeing that it was actually the body of a little child, face down on the grass, fully clothed. He could see stab wounds, bruising and the complete stillness of the child. He remembered the news reports regarding the missing child and ran back to his van, in a panic. He drove to the work-site, immediately informed his co-workers, and contacted the police.

Greenwell was eventually carefully investigated by the police - often the person to claim to discover a body ends up having prior knowledge. His alibi was rock solid and he was completely eliminated from any suspicion regarding the murder.

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