Kiszko case file may be reopened - Murder

20 March 1999
The Times
By Robin Young

A MAN who was interviewed about the murder of a schoolgirl more than 23 years ago, but never charged, could face a private prosecution brought by the girl's family.

The family of Lesley Molseed, who was 11 when she disappeared from her home in Rochdale, Lancashire, on October 5, 1975, have instructed lawyers to demand access to police evidence so that they can consider proceedings against Raymond Hewlett, 54.

Lesley's body was found on Rishworth Moor, near Oldham. She had been sexually assaulted and stabbed. The next day Mr Hewlett left for Ireland with his girlfriend. When he returned a month later he was interviewed by police, but released, and another man, Stefan Kiszko, was eventually convicted of the murder.

Mr Kiszko's conviction was quashed and he was released in 1992, after it had been established that he had been bullied into signing a confession, and that his medical condition made it impossible for him to have committed the crime.

Mr Kiszko's mother, Charlotte, had campaigned ceaselessly for his release. He died of a heart attack a year after being freed and his mother died six months later.

Now Lesley's father, Fred Anderson, her mother, April Garrett, and her sister, Julie, are insisting that the case should be reopened.

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