All the family ever wanted is justice

7 February 2003
Rochdale Observer

Before the Crimewatch programme went out on Wednesday evening, Lesley's sister, Julie Anderson, said that in light of the latest developments, the family were "just trying to get on with it the best way we can''. She added: "At the moment we are just concentrating on what's happening tonight''. With news that detectives now had a DNA profile of Lesley's killer, the Observer was inundated with requests from the national media for further information and background. Reporter Diane Leach, who has been in close contact with Lesley's family over recent years, was interviewed by Mike McCarthy of Sky News.

Asked how important it was to the people of Rochdale to see this case resolved, after almost 28 years, she said: "It is very important. Lesley was a lovely, friendly little girl who was well known in the tight-knit community where she lived. And in light of what happened to Stefan Kiszko, who served 16 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, people want to see Lesley's killer brought to justice, even after all these years.''

News that detectives now had a DNA profile of the murderer was something the family would have thought impossible only a short time ago, said the Observer reporter. "April (Lesley's mother) told me on the 25th anniversary of Lesley's death, that any such developments in technology would be irrelevant in her daughter's case, as the evidence that could be tested had either 'gone missing' or had been destroyed. To hear this is no longer the case will be fantastic news for the family. All they have wanted is justice for Lesley.

"All it needs is one person to come forward, with what could turn out to be the right information. Maybe, when Stefan was convicted, they thought it irrelevant, similarly when the finger was pointed at convicted paedophile Raymond Hewlett, who has now been cleared as a result of the new DNA evidence. "Those people should now search their memories again, and contact the police if they think of anything that may help the inquiry.''

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