Starting the hunt all over again

14 November 2007 
Rochdale Observer

The day after Stefan Kiszko’s acquittal, West Yorkshire police reopened the investigation into Lesley Molseed’s murder. A murder incident room manned by 15 detectives was set up at Bradford police station and fresh information about possible suspects had already been sifted through.

Detective Superintendent Trevor Wilkinson, who was leading the inquiry, conceded that the 16-year gap caused difficulties but pointed out the advantages of advances in computer technology. He said: “It’s important we hear from any member of the public who, at the time of the murder, had grave doubts about some member of their family, a friend or an associate.

“They may have become anxious after Mr Kiszko’s successful appeal. That anxiety should be at a height now. “We ask people who know anybody who fits that description to come forward.” He continued: “The same integrity and professionalism will be used in this inquiry as was used by West Yorkshire Police to clear Mr Kiszko. “We are being judged by events of 16 years ago. “Morale is good among the officers and there is a desire to redress the balance.”

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