Alan and Cindy Thompson: A couple in search of the most famous missing people in the world

22 May 2009
By Nigel Moore

Alan and Cindy Thompson, the couple responsible for drawing attention toward Raymond Hewlett, would appear to have some history in tracking down the most famous missing people in the world.

In his blog, 'propaganda matrix', written on 23 February 2004, Paul Joseph Watson reports that: 'In the spring of 1999, A British couple called Alan and Cindy Thompson were driving through Pakistan, in the very area that they're now talking about as being bin Laden's location.

'After driving for 11 hours on dirt roads they came to a checkpoint and were detained by armed Pakistani guards.

'The next day the Dawn newspaper, one of the biggest newspapers in Pakistan, reported that this couple had found the secret lair of Osama bin Laden.'

He continues: 'After the couple got back home to England they saw a newspaper article calling for the capture of bin Laden...

'The couple immediately contacted Scotland Yard in London; they contacted the FBI and the Pentagon and in every case got nothing. No response, no request for an interview. Nothing.'

The Thompsons current claim is that they met Hewlett whilst on holiday in Portugal, 'around December 2006'.

'The couple were horrified when after returning to Britain they learned Hewlett had been jailed three times for kidnapping, attempting to rape and molesting young girls.

'It was only after they returned from the Algarve that the Thompsons got a text message from another holidaymaker they had met alerting them to Hewlett's past,' reports the Daily Mirror.

There is no evidence that the Thompsons had any contact with Hewlett between December 2006, when they first met him, and May 2009, when he was tracked to a hospital bed in Germany.

The conversations they describe must therefore have taken place 5 months before Madeleine was reported missing - or this week.

So, considering that 'alarm bells' were apparently ringing in the Thompsons heads, and that 5 months later the most media-saturated case of our times exploded across the world's media - from the precise location that the Thompsons were on holiday - why have they remained silent ever since?

The name of Raymond Hewlett does not appear in the PJ files released to journalists but may appear in the 'witheld annexes'; which contain details of known sex offenders who were investigated and ruled out.

Appendix VI 1 – Information/Lists of Suspects of Sexual Crimes – where you will find a detailed reviews, from the perspective of the possibility of encountering correlations with suspects with sexual motives;

Appendix VI 2 – Diligences and Exploration of Information related to the aforementioned – in which, in conformity with that already expressed and in order to provide a better consultation, were gathered the information collected about residents in the surrounding areas – temporary and permanent – as well as a listing of local crime (break-ins and others) and crimes of a sexual nature. The information provided came to this Police by individual knowledge, through British authorities or by other sources.

It would appear the McCanns have possession of these annexes.

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