Paedophile Raymond Hewlett lived life of a traveller

23 May 2009
Daily Mirror
Aidan McGurran; Stephen Moyes
Paedophile Raymond Hewlett stayed in campsite with his family after leaving Portugal

The British convict left the Algarve as police continued to search for missing Madeleine McCann. While at the site, Hewlett eked a living selling items he had found or been given. His wife Mariana played a tin whistle and performed a puppet show. None of their six children are believed to have gone to school. Instead, the family would park at big hotels so tourists would see the kids and give them items. Everything had a value and when the family couldn't use something they would sell it. Hewlett had left the Algarve just as the tourist season was getting into full swing.

Friends say he took a route well known to travellers - heading into southern Spain for the ferry to Tangier at the northern tip of Morocco. From there, he drove south about three hours to the pretty town of Chefchouen which is popular with the hippy set. The family set up base at the campsite high in the Riff mountains. Hewlett, still wanted in the UK, is considered one of the most notorious and dangerous paedophiles to have disappeared off police radar.

Two years on from his visit to Chefchouen, camp staff only a dimly recall him and his family. One said: "I think I remember. It's unusual to have so many children. But it's a long time. People come and go."

Hewlett told friends of his love of Morocco and how he could always make money there. He said: "The Moroccans will buy and sell anything. You can take a rusty bike there and get 20 euros for it."

One traveller at the campsite said: "This is not a place for regular holidaymakers. The people here are a bohemian, alternative set. Many are street performers or artists. He and his family would fit in very easily. No one would ask too many questions. Unless he brought himself to their attention, he would have little reason to fear the police." Even his adapted blue Dodge van would seem perfectly at home in this setting. Many campers drive battered vans - often customised with highly personalised and colourful paint jobs.

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