Did these monsters murder little Lesley?

18 March 2001
The News of the World
Amanda Revell Walton, Terenia Taras
Additional reporting: Sarah Arnold, Neville Thurlbeck

25-year- old inquiry is reopened after NOW investigation

Two of Britain's most evil paedophiles are to be quizzed over the sex murder of schoolgirl Lesley Molseed 25 years ago-after new evidence was uncovered by the News of the World.

The 11-year-old-known as Little Miss Chatterbox was appallingly assaulted, knifed to death and left on moors. The News of the World has now linked the horror to pink-haired Michael Horgan, Raymond Hewlett and a third man we are not naming.

A hardened detective, who keeps a photo of Lesley on his desk, has opened 148 new lines of inquiry into her murder as a result of our dossier. Det Chief Supt Max McLean glanced at the picture and said:

"I've been looking at it for some time. This is a case that stirs you to want to do your best. Your dossier's been extremely helpful."

Lesley, who had a heart defect, was killed in October 1975 while on an errand for her mum. She was sexually assaulted, knifed 12 times and dumped near her home town of Rochdale, Lancs. Educationally subnormal Stefan Kiszko was found guilty of the murder, but freed after 16 years when DNA evidence cleared him.

Our dossier indicates that satanic child-sex abuser Horgan-now 52 and with a Mohican hairstyle-'groomed' Lesley leading up to her death. On the afternoon of her disappearance, loner Horgan - now at a hostel in London's Elephant and Castle-was spotted luring her away from the shops with a bag of sweets. Later that day he was seen with the distraught child clawing to get out of a car.

Early the next day he and the man we are not naming spent two hours meticulously scrubbing a blue van. We also discovered Lesley's body was found five miles from a house where Horgan and other paedophiles subjected children to satanic abuse. He was a close friend of serial child sex offender Hewlett, now 56, at the time of the murder.


We have tapes of meetings we set up between Horgan and his ex-wife Eileen, 63.

She quizzes him about Lesley. He replies:

"You're putting me in a coffin."

Horgan's stepdaughter, a schoolpal of Lesley, vividly recalls Horgan bringing the 11-year-old back to their home. The 33-year-old stepdaughter said:

"My stepdad said, 'Do you want some sweets?' Lesley said, 'Yeah'."

Eileen recalls seeing Horgan leading Lesley away from a nearby sweetshop. She said:

"She was walking by the side of him."

Witness Sandra Creese, 57, saw him with a little girl in blue clothing crying in a car with a man.

"She looked very frightened," Sandra said. "She put her hands up to the window."

Eileen said the next morning Horgan ordered her to fill a bucket of water. Eileen said he and the unnamed man cleaned the van. She said:

"You name it, they cleaned it. Then we had to do the wheels."

Horgan and his associate then scrubbed up and dumped their clothes. Eileen was ordered to cut their nails-even scraping dirt from under them. Horgan also ordered his wife to cut his hair short.

"He used to love his long hair," she said.

Horgan was convicted in 1992 of hanging children from hooks and sexually abusing them in satanic rituals.

Hewlett has a string of convictions for abducting and raping young girls and has served long stretches in jail. He is believed to be working on trawlers under another identity.


Raymond Hewlett was considered to be the prime suspect in disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Questions have been raised regarding the McCann photofit of alleged abductor, bearing a remarkable resemblance to Hewlett as he appeared years younger than he was at the time of Madeleine's disappearance.

Det Chief Supt Max McLean traveled to Germany to interview Hewlett  prior to Hewlett's death in German hospital.

July 2011 Questions are being raised regarding the earliest examples of the News of the World hacking phones.  Was this article based on illegally obtained information?  

Why did the News of the World provide details regarding Raymond Hewlett and Michael Horgan and yet protect the identity of the third man they suspect was involved in the Lesley Molseed murder?



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