I saw Maddie twice, admits paedo suspect; sensational confession to cops

6 June 2009
The Sun
Antonella Lazzeri

[ NOTE:  This information appears come solely from McCann spokesman CLARENCE MITCHELL. Can it be assumed that when the information is attributed to "a SOURCE" it is actually CLARENCE MITCHELL speaking "OFF THE RECORD"? ]

Child-sex fiend Raymond Hewlett has sensationally admitted he TWICE saw Madeleine McCann before she vanished. Hewlett, 64, claimed he was at the holiday resort where Maddie was kidnapped — and got so close to her that he could see the distinctive flaw in her right eye.

[ NOTE:  Raymond Hewlett did NOT confess to having been in Praia da Luz or to seeing Madeleine in person. He said he'd seen her image on posters etc. and that he had not been in Praia da Luz since he first arrived in Portugal with his wife and children in 2002 - 5 years prior to Madeleine's disappearance. ]

The pervert — who has a string of convictions for sexually assaulting young girls — is said to have made his confession to police who questioned him about a 1975 attack on an eight-year-old.  

[ NOTE: Max McLean, investigator in the Lesley Molseed murder was one of those officers. ]

That is a dramatic U-turn after Hewlett previously claimed he had never been near the Ocean Club holiday complex in Praia da Luz, Portugal — where Maddie disappeared days before her fourth birthday in May 2007.

Two senior officers from West Yorkshire Police travelled to Germany, where Hewlett is in hospital being treated for throat cancer. A SOURCE close to the investigation said Hewlett told the cops he had been to the Ocean Club and seen Maddie.

The SOURCE added:

    "He said he had seen her at least two times and had wandered around the complex several times. "He said he had been so close to Maddie he was able to see the distinctive mark in her right eye. "He didn't say why he had previously denied ever being in Praia da Luz. It's obviously a disturbing development."

Last night CLARENCE MITCHELL, official spokesman for Maddie's parents Gerry and Kate, said it was vital Hewlett now spoke to private investigators employed by the family to find Maddie.


    "If Mr Hewlett has any credible information about Madeleine it is absolutely imperative that he should speak to the investigators as a priority.  Mr Hewlett and his representatives must do the right thing and allow the private investigators to do their work."

Hewlett, originally from Todmorden, England, refused to see the McCanns' investigators when they flew to Germany two weeks ago. He now says he will talk to them — if he is paid. 

[ NOTE: No credible source has been found to support this allegation. ]


    "No payment will be made for any such interview."

Hewlett has also employed a lawyer to try to sell his story to newspapers for thousands of pounds. 

[ NOTE: No credible source has been found to support this allegation and the alleged lawyer has never been named. ]

The SOURCE said:

    "There are fears he's trying to cash in on Maddie, and it may be that he has made these claims to get more money. Whatever his motives, he needs to be seen by the investigators because he may have vital information."

Hewlett emerged as a suspect in Maddie's abduction after it was revealed he was living at a campsite nearby in May 2007. British tourists who spoke to him said he was "obsessed" with the case.  


Police wanting to quiz Hewlett over the 1975 assault had been unable to trace him as he travelled around Europe and Morocco after being released from prison. His lawyer in Germany says he only has weeks to live.

Hewlett has now provided cops with a DNA sample which will be compared to evidence from 1975.

[ NOTE: Hewlett was eliminated from the Molseed investigation based on the claim by the police that his DNA did not match the DNA found on Lesley Molseed's clothing. They were, therefore, already in possession of Hewlett's DNA. ]

Hewlett has viewed Ireland as a safe haven for years and has taken refuge here many times. He fled here after sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in the 1980s but was brought back to Britain to face trial. After he was released he returned in 1993, living in a commune in County Donegal. But the sicko was eventually asked to leave by worried parents.

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