Maddie man issues denial

15 June 2009
Daily Post

A convicted British paedophile has insisted he had never seen missing Madeleine McCann other than in posters and on television. Raymond Hewlett, whom detectives working for the McCann family have tried and failed to interview, told a Sunday newspaper:
"I'd take a lie-detector test. The only time I've seen Madeleine McCann is on missing posters. And I saw her on TV in a bar once. But I've never seen her in real life."

Final attempts by the detectives to interview Hewlett failed on Wednesday. Retired UK policemen Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley flew to Germany hoping to speak to Hewlett, who is said to have been staying an hour's drive from the McCanns' Portuguese holiday flat when the little girl vanished. But negotiations between the private investigators and Hewlett's German lawyer broke down.

Hewlett, 64, a former soldier who previously lived in Blackpool and Telford, has been treated for throat cancer in Aachen. He was jailed several times in the UK for sexually assaulting young girls and admits he was on the Algarve at the time of Maddie's disappearance. Hewlett said: "There is a person who can say where I was that day, but why should I bring them into this?"

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