Madeleine suspect in DNA test

Madeleine suspect in DNA test
25 May 2009
Daily Star

A PAEDOPHILE linked to Madeleine McCann's disappearance will be asked to undergo a DNA test today. Private detectives hired by her parents Kate and Gerry, both 41, have flown to Germany to hunt for clues. They want to question convicted pervert Raymond Hewlett about their daughter.

German authorities want the 64-year-old, who has throat cancer, to have a DNA test in the next few days. Hewlett, who is wanted by police over at least one unsolved child sex attack in the UK, is in hospital in the German city of Aachen. The McCanns' investigators cannot force him to co-operate. But their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "They hope he will give them whatever information needed so they can eliminate him from the investigation."

Fellow Brit Peter Verran, 46, has claimed Hewlett knew the layout of the apartment in Portugal that Maddie vanished from in May 2007, days before her fourth birthday.

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