Girl's lies about her sex pervert boyfriend

4 October 1997
Manchester Evening News

A girl's lies about her sex pervert boyfriend contributed to a massive injustice which sent Stefan Kiszko to jail for a murder he did not commit. She has admitted that when she was 15 she gave a false alibi on the orders of her 30-year-old married lover who was suspected of the child murder.

That was in 1975 - when bungling police did not check the alibi and later charged Stefan Kiszko with killing Rochdale schoolgirl Lesley Molseed. Tax clerk Kiszko, then 24, was jailed for life and spent 16 years behind bars. Less than two years after his release he died. Details of the false alibi are given for the first time in a new book which reveals previously unpublicised details of how justice failed Stefan Kiszko. The girl, now a woman of 37, is Rosalie Dolan, who split from her married lover 20 years ago and is now living in Australia.

She was traced and questioned by police who reinvestigated the murder. Rosalie admitted lying in 1975 to the original murder squad, the new book reveals. At her home in Australia, she said: "Don't you think I've become a victim of all this too?" She and the older lover disappeared from the Rochdale area shortly after the killing of Lesley. The ex-lover, a paedophile now living in Ireland, is named as the prime suspect for the murder in the book.

Next Wednesday the Manchester Evening News will reveal to our readers the identity of the prime suspect when we publish extracts from Innocents by Jonathan Rose with Steve Panter and Trevor Wilkinson (to be published by Fourth Estate on October 16 at #14.99)  (Blogger note: refers to Raymond Hewlett)

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