Raymond Hewlett did not abduct Maddie...

It is, however, very possible that he may have murdered Lesley Molseed.

This is my opinion based on reading every article published regarding Raymond Hewlett and the Molseed case.  That opinion grows stronger every day.  (I am now reading the book "Innocents: How Justice Failed Stefan Kiszko and Lesley Molseed" by Jonathan Rose, Steve Panter, and Trevor Wilkinson.)

I will try to write a detailed article as soon as possible and will provide details from "Innocents" that have not (to my knowledge) been published online.

There is an overwhelming probability that Raymond Hewlett murdered Lesley Molseed.  The most difficult thing to understand is why he was not prosecuted.  It seems, therefore to me, that finding the answer to that is most likely the most IMPORTANT thing to do.

My heart aches for the victims, for the families of those wrongly accused and for our society.

Lesley Molseed's brother committed suicide.  Ronald Castree is spending the rest of his life in jail, convicted based on highly questionable DNA results.  Castree's son seriously contemplated suicide over this and works to help other families who have been impacted by the crimes of a family member.

By many accounts, Ronald was not a "decent" man.
Stefan Kiszko WAS a decent, child-like man.

Because Stefan had been loved by his family, they refused to give up the fight for him.  They relentlessly, over many years sought to clear his name.  17 years after he was incarcerated for life, TRUTH was finally able to fight its way to the surface, despite the attempts to pervert the course of justice in his case.  If it were not for Stefan's family, he would have died in jail.  Even so, this case is thought to be one of the worse miscarriages of justice in British history.

It is my contention that the miscarriage of justice has not ended.

Unlike Stefan, Ronald Castree's life was not one of innocence.  His family did not stand by him, they believe the verdict to be true.  Although they never saw him as capable of doing something as violent and unforgivable as the murder of a child, they (quite understandably) are not questioning his guilt.

Campbell Malone, who must be given credit and be lauded for his tireless work on behalf of the Kiszko family, also seems satisfied with the conviction of Ronald Castree.  (I would like to speak to him about the evidence against Raymond Hewlett and am attempting to contact him.)

My questions are:

Do we only fight against miscarriages of justice for the "decent" people or does TRUTH ITSELF matter?

Are there any "absolutes"?  Is honesty one of them - justice one of them?

If a terrible man does NOT commit a specific crime, should he be punished for it?

Should Raymond Hewlett be punished for abducting Madeleine McCann, something the evidence in the case indicates he did not do, simply because he is a hideous paedophile who left many true victims in his wake?

Should Ronald Castree be punished for murdering Lesley Molseed, something the evidence in the case indicates he did not do, simply because he was not a decent man?

Should the public servants who withheld evidence in the Molseed case have been held accountable?  Why was the case against Det. Dick Holland, forensic scientist Ronald Outteridge and Jack Dibb halted?  Why were the case files closed?

Although he was the chief suspect in the Molseed murder, why wasn't Raymond Hewlett arrested in Ireland?  How did he get tipped off every single time the gardai sought him?  How did he manage to remain on the run - although the British police, Irish police and Interpol were allegedly looking for him?  Are they truly that incompetent or was something else at play?

This is not a conspiracy theory - this is what is staring us in the face.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that there is a question mark over the DNA of Ronald Castree. With this in Mind. I implore Campbell Malone to investigate Christopher Coverdale. Below made me shiver.

This was the first description obtained of a man and a child. Dibb was anxious to act and he personally took Coverdale to the lay-by. It was not the cold which caused Jack Dibb to shiver when, asked to show the place where the man and child were standing, Coverdale pointed out a spot within yards of the place where Lesley had been found Coverdale .He is the last known person to have seen her.
Christopher Coverdale Is residing in Bacong near Dumagute City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. He is well known in Dumaguete City and by the local police. He has had many problems in the Philippines. Please search for Christopher Coverdale Negros Chronicle newspaper or Christopher Coverdale Dumaguete. I don’t believe all I see on the blogs but worth looking into. It will make your hair stand on end. I will follow up any response I have on this site over the next few weeks. If anyone was convicted on the testimony of this man. There could be a problem.

Sep 1, 2011, 12:34:00 AM
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