Murder crusade takes to streets

13 November 1997
Yorkshire Post
Joanne Ginley

The family of murdered schoolgirl Lesley Molseed took their crusade to find the man they have named their prime suspect onto the streets of Todmorden yesterday. They handed out leaflets bearing the name of the man they claim killed the 11-year-old girl they refer to as "Our Lel" 22 years ago. Lesley's body was found in a lay-by at Ripponden, near Halifax, in October 1975.

Her sister Julie Anderson said yesterday: "We have come here in the hope of jogging the memory of the people of Todmorden to see if anything comes to mind about this man however trivial it may seem. "Just one sentence could link everything together and build a strong case against this man."

The man the family allege committed the murder spent several years living in Todmorden. Until recently he was known to be living in Ireland. Lesley's family are no longer certain where he lives but Lesley's mother April Garrett, who lives in Littleborough, Rochdale, said yesterday: "This man is a well-know paedophile and he must be taken off the streets."

Their actions follow the publication of a book, Innocents, which named a 52-year-old convicted paedophile as Lesley's murderer. He was questioned during the original investigation about his ownership of a Morris van like one which 14 people saw at the murder scene.  (Blogger note: refers to Raymond Hewlett)

In one of Britain's most infamous miscarriages of justice, Stefan Kiszko was convicted of her murder and spent 16 years in jail before the Court of Appeal quashed his conviction in February 1992. He died a broken man, a year after his release, at the age of 41.

Mrs Garrett added: "For 16 years Stefan Kiszko was in purgatory and left prison a mental cripple while the man who really killed Lesley was free." The family were pleased at the response they received from the public yesterday morning and said many people remembered the man.

They received new clues about the whereabouts of members of his family and plan to visit towns and addresses where they know he has lived. They asked anyone with any information to contact the police.

Last night West Yorkshire Police said the investigation was still going on and they would investigate any new information that might help to secure a conviction.

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