Kiszko film angers Lesley family

2 October 1998
Manchester Evening News

RELATIVES of murdered youngster Lesley Molseed have blasted a TV film about the man wrongly imprisoned for the killing.

The film, A Life For A Life, will be shown on ITV this Sunday.

It is based on the 16-year fight Charlotte Kiszko led when her son Stefan was wrongly convicted of Lesley's murder.

Lesley, aged 11, from Rochdale, was abducted and stabbed before her body was dumped on Yorkshire moorland in 1975.

Mr Kiszko, also from Rochdale, was convicted of the killing and only freed when his conviction was quashed in 1992. But both he and his mother died within two years of his release.

Lesley's family, who still live in the Rochdale area, have never stopped campaigning to see the real killer caught.

Lesley's sister Julie Anderson said hopes that the TV film would boost her family's efforts to track down the killer were dashed as soon as she saw it. She said: "The public relations woman for the film told us it would help our case but I don't think it will.

"It is just not hard-hitting enough. The police do not get the hammering they deserve for the mishandling of the case and there is no way the TV audience will be calling for the real killer to be caught.

"It is a very, very sad film. And I know it is very, very sad that Stefan Kiszko went through all he did. This film is all about Stefan Kiszko, Lesley only features in it for about two minutes."

Miss Anderson and her brother Fred Anderson were both angry after seeing the film. The family have campaigned to bring Raymond Hewlett to trial for Lesley's murder. He was named in a book and is the prime suspect. Stefan's aunt Alfreda Tosic was unavailable for comment.

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