Irish News of the world finds sex beast's secret lair

Patrick Montrose
20 December 1998
The News of the World (Eire)

SEX monster Raymond Hewlett lured Irish youngsters to his isolated cottage by pretending to be a maths teacher who could help them with their homework, the News of the World can reveal today.

As we discovered the beast's secret lair in the Cooley Mountains, both parents and children in nearby Carlingford were stunned to learn that 52-year-old Hewlett had twice been jailed in Britain for sex attacks.

Schoolchildren would visit his Irish home alongside a picturesque mountain track on their own, or in groups of up to eight.

And although none of them ever came to any known harm, the revelation that Hewlett is a convicted child rapist has sent a shudder through the tiny Co Louth community.

Hippie-looking Hewlett constantly had a stream of youngsters visiting him during his time in the mountain hideaway in 1994 and 1995, one shocked teenager revealed.

He said: "He told me he was a maths teacher and could help me with my sums.


"I went up to him and he did help me. He never interfered with me at all.

"He told me his name was Raymond and he had a girlfriend as well as a wife and children in England.

"I was very shocked when I heard who he really was."

He added: "He would invite a group of eight of us up to visit. There were girls with us as well. We were all about 14 at the time." And another villager told how two of his sons used to regularly trek up to the single-storey cottage to meet Hewlett.

He said: "He was not working and my two older sons used to go up and visit him. It was always young people who went up to his cottage."

People in Carlingford were revolted to find that Hewlett had doped a 12-year-old girl with paint thinner and then raped her in his car in 1972. A few years later he attempted the rape of a 14-year-old girl-this time he held a hand gun to her face and ordered her to strip.


He got just 18 months for the 1972 crime and was out after a year. Then, ten years ago, he armed himself with a knife, kidnapped another 14-year-old girl and indecently assaulted her.

He was jailed for six years but served just two years before moving to Ireland.

But last week there was little evidence of his stay, or any clues to where he might be now. Through the grimy cobwebbed windows a P60 could be seen-but not the name of any employer. And lying on the floor was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mug.

Garda Inspector Pat Magee from Dundalk, which covers Carlingford, said: "We are satisfied Hewlett was living in the area. We have a lot of follow-up work to do in relation to his stay here and our inquiries are ongoing."

Meanwhile detectives are investigating a wave of attempted child abductions throughout Ireland. Forty reports from children are being individually investigated as well as being passed on to a central unit.

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