High priest of evil set free to prey on children

High priest of evil set free to prey on children
14 March 1999
The News of the World
Paul McMullan and Amanda Revell Walton

Satan sex monster abused his own kids..then let sick disciples do the same

A sick 'high priest' of Satan who raped his own kids, then handed them to devil worshippers for more abuse will this week be FREED to prey on other tots.

Michael Horgan hung his naked daughter and stepson on HOOKS and tied them to a CROSS so his 'disciples' could torture and film them.

Yet he only served half his ten-year jail sentence before being transferred to a bail hostel last May.

And on Tuesday the monster- whose youngest victim was only TWO -will be back on the streets unsupervised.

Vile Horgan, 50-who has changed his name to Shaun O'Donnell-would normally have his identity cloaked by the same laws which guarantee his victims anonymity.

But today his daughter Philomena, now 21, and stepson Michael, 26, have taken the amazingly brave decision to reveal themselves.

For they want the world to see the evil that is their father- and every parent to be warned that he is back on the loose. Philomena and Michael even found the courage to tell of the torment they suffered at Horgan's hands as they grew up in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

The Satanist, who literally WORSHIPPED child abuse, began preparing them for his perverted rites when Philomena was a wide-eyed six-year-old and Michael was just 11.

Some of their memomories are so harrowing as to be almost unbelievable-but police and experts have cross-checked all details and are absolutely certain they are the truth.

Philomena choked back tears as she recalled:

The first time it happened was in the middle of the night. I woke up and he was touching me.

The second time was when our electricity went. It was dark and I was scared.

He touched me where he shouldn't. He told me I was the best daughter he'd ever had.

And he said I'd only be beautiful if I let him do whatever he wanted. I'd turn ugly if I tried to stop him. Later he'd tie me and Michael each side of a large wooden cross. When I was eight he tied us up in the lounge. Three men carried us into the back of a van and my father blindfolded us.

We were driven off and later someone removed the blindfold. I saw the cross and some chains and whips. I was frightened. I thought I was going to die.

Through the window I could see the moor (Saddleworth Moor, where Myra Hindley and Ian Brady murdered their young victims 30 years earlier) .

Michael and I were made to swallow a small blue tablet. I passed out.

I WOKE up with a scream. My hands were tied above my head and I was lying naked on the moor. I remember how cold it was.

Michael was next to me and we were in the middle of a big circle with two triangles inside it painted on the grass.

There were grown-ups wearing long white robes with pointed hoods.

I could see my father with another man and woman standing outside the circle.

There were two little girls about my age standing next to them. I know they were the daughters of the man and woman. Next to them there was a black man. We were told his name was Sabu.

I saw a snake being pulled out of a vase. They put it on me and let it crawl along my body.

As soon as Michael and I started screaming a man started videoing us. They all made a humming sound.

After that we were taken to the moors regularly. Sometimes they'd tie us to the cross, sometimes there would be fires around us.

Often they'd make us watch the adults doing things to the other two girls before we had to take our turn.

Sometimes they'd all chant. But I never understood any of the words. My dad said it was voodoo magic.

Once someone's wife had sex with my father. He even tried to make Michael have sex with me-but we couldn't. I was too young. I was screaming and crying-but they seemed to love that even more.

Even at home the nightmare continued for the two children.

For their father built a black magic altar in his attic.

There, five men and a woman would take it in turns to have sex with the whimpering youngsters. Anguished Philomena went on:
"They stripped us, tied our hands and hung us from hooks in the walls.
"My father would stand in front of us naked and do things to Michael and me. Then he'd let others do the same.

"Once we watched him have sex with a woman-then a man.

"In the end it all became 'normal' to us.

"We'd just lay there and let them do what they had to- hoping it would soon be over.

"Once we were locked in a room with a catflap. He put dogfood through it for us.

"I heard a man from our school come to the door-and I heard my dad say we didn't live there any more."

"I thought it was natural for a father to do what he did to us. Michael and I never talked about what happened.
"It's only recently that we've been able to talk about it to each other.

"Now if I see the sign that was on the grass-a pentagram-on a film or TV, it all comes flooding back."

Philomena was robbed of her entire girlhood by her monstrous father. At his trial for serious sexual assault, Manchester Court heard how he had made her wear black leather mini-skirts when she was a mite of eight.

A keen Elvis Presley fan, he beat her with a heavy belt bearing a buckle of 'the king'.

She has tried to wipe out everything about her he found attractive. She has even dyed her beautiful red hair blonde.

Philomena was bought her first doll when she was EIGHTEEN .

She admitted:
"I didn't know what a Sindy Doll was when I was a kid.

"Even now if I babysit for a friend, I'll play with the child's dolls. Sometimes I wish I was a little girl again, so I could start my life all over.

"I feel really sick knowing he's been released and he'll soon be able to come and go as he pleases."

Michael has also been painfully traumatised by his horrific young life.

Like his step-sister he has started afresh in a completely different part of Britain.

"One of the earliest memories I have is of being burnt with a hot poker," he said. "I've still got the scar.

"I still cry now because I can't love anyone. Everyone I've loved in the past has hurt me. Our father has wrecked our lives. Once he tied me and my mate together and made us do things to each other while his friends watched.

"Women also took part. One always dressed as a nurse. She'd give us injections.

"When I got older Horgan and his mates would take me to the park and sell me to men.

"It's outrageous that he'll be back on the streets in days.

"What he did to us is disgusting. And what worries me is that I know he'll do it to other children. None is safe."

DURING his 23-day trial Horgan admitted seriously abusing his two children. He is now registered as a sex offender.

That means he must tell police of any change of address after he leaves his hostel in Lambeth, South London.

Many critics of the system are furious that they only have the power to act AFTER he commits another offence.

A police source said:
"I don't believe there's any way this man's cured.

"He's a twisted evil pervert. But-even worse-he's never accepted the enormity of what he's done.

"The truth is he'll re-offend. It's just a matter of time."

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