Lock him up

Lock him up
13 March 1999
The Sun

WHEN will we ever learn?
Michael Horgan gets 10 years for sordid and dangerous sex attacks on children.

Two-thirds through his sentence, he is let out.

Never mind that he is still such a menace that the police have to watch him like hawks.

Horgan is kept in a bail hostel after protests from parents.

But next Tuesday he will be a free man.

The law says he cannot be caged any longer.

What complete and utter madness.

What are we thinking of, letting an evil pervert out on the streets?

The experts say Horgan - who has now changed his name to Shaun O'Donnell - should be locked away for life.

Paedophiles can never be cured. The only way to protect children is to lock up the perverts and throw away the key.

Soon the law will change to put sex offenders away for ever if necessary.

We hope it is backdated so Horgan gets what he deserves.

Or must another innocent child suffer first?

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