I hope the monster rots in Hell

13 November 2007
The Daily Express

Stefan Kiszko's aunt last night called Castree a monster and said: "I hope he rots in hell." Ann Kiszko attacked Lesley's killer for keeping silent while her nephew wrongly spent 16 years in jail. Ann, in her 70s, added: "I hope that rat has lots of accidents in prison. He has had the best years of his life while Stefan is dead."

The "gentle giant" tax clerk, described as a social misfit, was 23 when he "confessed" to the 11-year-old's murder so that he could "go home to Mummy". His Ukranian mother Charlotte said Stefan was at home with her in Rochdale at the time Lesley disappeared. She fought for 16 years to get his conviction quashed because Stefan was infertile and could not have produced sperm left at the murder scene by the killer. On his release in 1992, Stefan vowed to travel the world and get married. But he had developed schizophrenia in jail and died a broken man just a year later, aged 42. His mother died five months later.

In 1994, former Detective Superintendent Dick Holland and retired forensic scientist Ronald Outteridge were charged with perverting the course of justice over the initial investigation. A magistrate ruled the case should not proceed - without giving reasons. Mr Holland - also second in command in the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper - died in February, aged 74.

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