No prosecutions for Molseed police

13 November 2007
Yorkshire Evening Post

IN the aftermath of the clearing of Stefan Kiszko a retired top West Yorkshire detective and a senior Harrogate forensic scientist faced charges of perverting the course of justice.  But the prosecutions of former Det Supt Dick Holland - who later in his career was deputy head of the Yorkshire Ripper inquiry - and Ronald Outteridge did not proceed and reporting of their 1995 court hearing was banned.

After being charged in May 1994 the case was stopped the following year when the Crown Prosecution Service ultimately agreed with Rochdale Stipendiary Magistrate Jane Hayward that the prosecution of both men amounted to an "abuse of process" after arguments from their defence team.

The cases were mounted against the men following an investigation into the original inquiry into Lesley Molseed's killing by Lancashire Police when Mr Kiszko was cleared of the killing.

Mr Outteridge has never commented publicly on the case. Mr Holland retired from the police and died in February.

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