Det Chief Supt Max McLean & Raymond Hewlett

Articles re: Det Chief Supt Max McLean and the Lesley Molseed murder investigation.
As you will see, McLean stated many times and over many years that Raymond Hewlett was the prime suspect in 11 year old Lesley's brutal killing.
Max McLean was one of two police officers sent  to interview Hewlett in Germany after Hewlett was in the public eye regarding the Madeleine McCann disappearance.

I note that Ronald Castree was convicted of the Molseed murder based solely on DNA results provided by the Forensic Science Services (FSS). 

Lesley's clothing had been destroyed, however FSS claimed to have found Castree's DNA on a piece of tape they said was used to swipe Lesley's clothing.

I also note that in the Madeleine McCann case there are serious questions being raised about the British Forensic Science Service's handling of evidence.

March 18, 2001
Did these monsters murder little Lesley?
The News of the World, Amanda Revell Walton & Terenia Taras
March 22, 2001
Detectives name top suspect in hunt for child killer.
Yorkshire Post, By Robert Sutcliffe
14 April 2001
Mother waits with hope of seeing justice.
Yorkshire Post
May 2, 2001
Lesley Molseed murder hunt to be re-launched - Police work on M.E.N. evidence.
Manchester Evening News By Andrew Nott
December 18, 2001
Face of man in Lesley murder probe
Manchester Evening News
January 13, 2002
Do you know this man?
The Sunday Mirror By Nicola Tallant
Gardai appeal for man over child killing
People, By Nicola Tallant
February 4, 2003
Horror cries out for justice 28 years on
Yorkshire Post
DNA evidence could nail Lesley's killer
Yorkshire Post
November 12, 2007
Castree guilty of Molseed murder
Yorkshire Post
November 13, 2007
THE conviction of Ronald Castree marks the final chapter
Manchester Evening News, Nicola Dowling
June 5, 2009
Yorks paedophile quizzed over 1975 sex attack
Yorkshire Evening Post, Bruce Smith

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IRONSIDE said...


Extracted from the hair. Madeleine McCann’s DNA was extracted from several residues that were collected at the apartment. Among them, hair that was found on the little girl’s brush and also saliva that was collected from the pillow.

19. In Portugal, the collection of 19 genetic markers is demanded for the determination of paternity. But in other countries, like the USA, only 12 are demanded.

15. On the residues that were collected from the rented car's boot after the disappearance, 15 genetic markers that are identical to Madeleine were found.

Traces of a crime

Two dogs that are specially trained to assist in criminal investigation detected cadaver odour in the McCanns' bedroom, in the living room, on Kate's clothes, on the little girl's soft toy and on the car key, as well as blood traces in the car boot and in the apartment's living room.

Theoretical contamination possible

The second report from the English lab, which was sent after the child's relatives were made arguidos, raises theoretical doubts that end up annulling the first conclusions.

The technicians say that if the residues that were collected are from one single source, then they belong to Madeleine. But if they were contaminated with DNA from Kate or Gerry (who present genetic resemblances because they are the biological parents), they may not belong to the child. Apart from that, according to the experts, the obtained results are so complex that they do not allow for an absolute reading.

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